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Dotwork sleeves, chest, and back | Nazareno Tubaro


what was I saying?


Wow. This is beautiful artwork.

Tats like these would be my dream pattern…except I’m a huge wuss about needles and could never handle this much.
Parrots can willfully savage my face or hands and I don’t flinch. But wee needles turn me into a blubbering baby.

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Dream Girls of Ikenaga Yasunari   [池永康晟], (1965,Japan)

Using the simplicity of indian ink and linen canvas Ikenaga Yasunari has captured a simple serenity in the the faces of his female portraits.This calm sensuality is highlighted by the richness of their surroundings. Yasunari’s Japanese heritage has inspired a style of painting which is characteristic in his work. This ancient technique of Nihonga is a traditional Japanese artform using a Menso brush and ink. With this Yasunari has successfully captured an essence of the past with a pallet of muted tones, but  has injecting a modern twist to each piece with his use of pattern and cloth.

(Source: f-l-e-u-r-d-e-l-y-s, via passivemanipulations)